We create beautiful, elegant and cohesive weddings

We love to listen to your story and vision of your wedding so that we can custom-tailor the wedding of your dreams and fit it perfectly to your needs. We bring vision to the next level with our professional and creative design. Our primary joy is to serve you, so that you can live in the present moment throughout your engagement up until your big day. This period of your life should be a time of celebration without the stress of planning, designing and coordinating.

Our Process, and what you can expect:

We work closely with our clients in order to deliver excellent services surrounding our work ethic by mutual understanding and trust. Every step of the way we will be by your side, as the best partner to keep clarity in your wedding preparation, your ally, your family mediator, your personal assistant and confidante, your personal stylist (our favorite). Our team commits to find the balance to bring your project to life, from intimate weddings, refined weddings to multi-day weddings including welcome dinners, rehearsal dinners to farewell brunches. We will always be in tune with you because weddings are not just a matter of organization, it also about a question of human interaction to create an unforgettable and timeless experience.


  • Booking key vendors
  • Budget break down spread sheet
  • Venue visit


  • Booking key vendors
  • Budget break down spread sheet
  • Venue visit


  • Coordination (About 4 month before the wedding)
  • Lay out of the Ceremony & Reception
  • Schedule of the wedding day (draft)
  • Design Proposal presentation (2-3 month before the wedding)


  • Pre Production & Execution (About 30 days before the wedding)
  • Coordination
  • Rehearsal dinner or bridal shower
  • Wedding day

Our clients are Lovers of travel and Meaningful moments appreciate fine art details And delicate flowers

You would like your wedding to reflect on who you are, and the overall sense
of your day to be meaningful, timeless, and elegant yet the experience into the beautiful land of luxury weddings without being so over the top.