About Us

Meet Yuliya – the creative mind behind Charming Peony Studio

Hello, and welcome!

I was born in Europe and moved to the USA when I was 19. I married my better half and have four precious children. I finished music school and can play Violine and piano. I have a degree in art design and composition.

As I became a mom, I found my passion by styling my little girl’s birthday parties. Soon enough, I started receiving wedding inquiries, and my love for the process of creating began to grow. I launched my business when I was eight months pregnant with my first boy, my fourth child, and this is where my journey began and how I started.

Creating an event is like drowning a picture, starting with the blank canvas, then go on the self-discovery journey, collect visual inspection, and then draw carefully, adding one element after another until reaching the desired results.

I can’t wait to share the gift of custom wedding design with you and your loved ones, making your experience an unforgettable journey.

From the first meeting to our last, I hope to be your best friend who is always by your side and has the best interest in mind to help you execute the wedding and event of your dreams.

My goal is to make your engagement period an accessible and enjoyable experience so that you live pleasantly and freely during the most beautiful and romantic period of your lifetime. I can assure you that my experience and attention to the minor details will create an event that will be moving and artistically styled, above all else, rich with life and your love story.

I can not wait to hear from you!

About Charming Peony Studio


Charming Peony Studio is a beautiful destination wedding land of luxury design, styling and floral company. Creating custom tailored, timeless weddings, and an unforgettable experience for the couples and their guests. Yuliya is the heart behind the company.


 “My heart sings for the opportunity before me and my imagination swinging into the dreaming journey and never stop”


As a creative designer, with the collective experience, I use my passion finding the perfect balance to bring your dream event to life. I indulge in exquisite intimate weddings, luxury refined events, editorials, and high-end cultural weddings.


Every flower is unique and different in its own way, and this is how I see uniqueness in each person. I tell your story through the beauty of flowers, texture of fabrics, structural detailed elements to design and create an event that is designed just for you, inspired by you.


Our team mission is to bring your custom tailored once in a lifetime experience, through the beauty of my art. My love for design and editorial work bring you the beautiful moments created through my eyes, heart, and my soul.